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Photos and Recipes courtesy of Certified Angus Beef and Heinz

It’s Oktoberfest Time!

Wunderbar! Oktoberfest is coming soon, and Caraluzzi’s has all the ingredients you need to cook up an über-delicious celebration.
Celebrated by Germans since 1810, the 16 day Bavarian fair runs from late September through the first week of October. Each year brings more than 5 million people to enjoy this festival of food and finely crafted beer in Munich.
Of course, there’s no need to catch a plane to celebrate Oktoberfest! Caraluzzi’s stocks everything you need for a Munich worthy reverie right at home.

Easy Entertaining

Start the party with King Ludwig Beer Cheese, named after the famously eccentric 19th century king of Bavaria and found in Caraluzzi’s deli. Pair with dark rye breads or crackers for an easy appetizer. Follow with a tasteful entrée sure to stretch your lederhosen, like pretzel dusted schnitzel, a German pot roast, beer baked bratwurst or even a rueben burger. Grab some boxed spaetzle or potato dumplings, found next to the boxed mashed potatoes, for the perfect side-dish. It’s a German meal ready in eins, zwei, drie!
Caraluzzi’s has the largest selection if bratwurst and knockwurst in the area, including Hummel, Hillshire and Boar’s Head brand. Don’t forget our sauerkraut, right next to the hot dogs in our meat department. Top a grilled brat with sauerkraut and an ice cold beer for an easy weeknight German meal.

Pairing Brews and Beef

For a more American twist on the traditional Oktoberfest, simply pair your favorite cut of beef with a complimentary brew. Try the tips below.
Lager – Pair with char-grilled meats. The malted flavor of the lager and the smokiness of the meats are a match made in Munich. Try grilling some bratwurst and top with sauerkraut on white bread hot dog bun.
Stouts and Porters – A rich beer deserves tender meat in a rich sauce. The best brew to pair with a German pot roast.
Pale Ales and Pilsners – No better partner for light brews than mild cuts of meat. Grill some tenderloin, sit back and relax.
Looking for a recommended brew? Try Spaten, brewed right in Munich and available at Caraluzzi’s year round. For something a little closer to home, try Sam Adam’s Oktoberfest beer, blending the finest of American and German brewing traditions.
However you decide to celebrate,