Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Make your table setting as impressive as the feast you’ve prepared. Caraluzzi’s has easy ways to compliment your spread with ready-made or custom created centerpieces. Choose from harvest colors and unique vases (even a pumpkin!) to create a warm and inviting ambiance. We’ve got a few other quick, DIY ideas too:

Harvest Bounty

Place a shallow basket in the table’s center and fill to the brim with pears and whole, raw nuts in various sizes. Place sprigs of wheat throughout the basket to add height.

Wheat Bouquets

Use three tall glass vases of various heights and similar shape to construct this simple centerpiece. Place bundles of tall wheat grass in each vase, cutting down the bundles proportional to the height of the vase. Next pour corn kernels into the bottom of each vase, enclosing and supporting the base of each wheat grass bundle.

Pumpkin candles

Using a small, sharp knife, cut the center of 6 small pumpkins and hollow out a space identical in diameter to tall, thin, candelabra candles. Use the pumpkins as candle holders, arranging the candles in a straight line down the center of your table runner.

Easy Focal Point

Fill a glass urn with dried Indian corn and place in the center of your table. Scatter small gourds and pumpkins around the base of the urn.