Game Meats

Turkey Alternatives

Holiday meals are the perfect time to get adventurous. What better way to share not only a meal, but an experience? Caraluzzi’s offers game meats this Thanksgiving season, for those that want to sample a bit more from earth’s bounty than the traditional.

Goose & Capon

Following a farm to table trail, these gooses and capons are raised on small Amish and Mennonite family farms in the heart of the Pennsylvania Dutch country. Hand processed in a low volume environment for superior quality and taste, these free range birds also contain no antibiotics or growth stimulants. Capon is raised to about 18-20 weeks, and is roasted the same way as a chicken, but produces a far more distinct and succulent flavor. White Edem goose is raised 22-28 weeks and produces a darker, richer meat.


Also known as a Spring Chicken, these young birds are extremely tender and light, with a contrasting delicate texture and robust flavor. Raised to about 3 weeks of age on a 75 acre New Jersey farm, these free-range young chickens are fed an all vegetarian diet and fresh spring water under stress-free conditions.


From a family owned, second generation farm in South Carolina comes premium Coturnix quail, richer in flavor than the common Bobwhite breed. Quail is an intensely lean, dark meat with a light game flavor. These free-range birds are easy to grill or roast and make an intriguing appetizer or individual entrée. “Sleeve boned” for easy preparation, quail is higher in protein yet lower in fat and calories than chicken or turkey.


Pekin duck, also known as long island duck, quickly becomes a favorite among those that sample its tender texture and mild flavor. A particularly adaptive meat, Pekin duck works as a focal point for a variety of flavor profiles and cuisines.


With a mildly sweet flavor and little fat, these rabbits are bred from a cross of California White and New Zealand White, two of the world’s most tender rabbit breeds. Raised on a diet free of antibiotics and hormones, a rabbit’s all white meat is low in cholesterol, yet high in protein and b vitamins.