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Green Up Your Home Decor


A large, flowering succulent plant


A terrarium

We all like to keep sustainability top of mind, and it helps to have a little reminder of nature in our work spaces and homes. A small spider plant on the office desk or a terrarium on your dinner table will purify the air and lift your spirits. So, in honor of earth month, avoid plastic manufactured decorations and add some life to your decor… literally! Bonus: unlike that new throw pillow or duvet, indoor foliage can be planted outside or composted once you need a change in decor. Here are some of our favorites in floral right now:

Cacti & Succulents

No green thumb? You can still enjoy house plants. Try cacti & flowering succulents. This is a plant you actually should forget to water! Just stick in bright sunlight & enjoy. Small succulents are perfect for dressing up windowsills, and a large succulent, like the plant on the left, are ideal as a centerpiece for your coffee or side table.


Caring for these beautiful flowers is not as intimidating as many think. You can water these plants by simply sticking 3 ice cubes in the soil once a week. Your orchid will bloom 1-3 times per year, with blooms lasting between 2 & 3 months. These make an excellent house warming or mothers day gift.


These little ecosystems cycle their own moisture and don’t need a lot of care. They will actually thrive on neglect. If your terrarium grows out of control, trim with some preening scissors to contain. If the terrarium looks dry, simply add drops of water with a turkey baster. Avoid pouring water in directly, or you may have a mini swamp on your hands!


Who says hanging baskets are just for the outdoors? Hang big Boston ferns in ceiling corners to add height & dimension to a room.

Spider Plants

These hardy plants are easy to maintain. With such little care needed, these small plants are perfect for your office desk. Leave for the weekend knowing your plant will still be alive when you return on Monday.