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Natural & Organic at Caraluzzi's

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Our Stance

Here at Caraluzzi’s we believe in choice, the power for you to choose what’s best for you or your family, especially when it comes to your diet. That’s why we offer an extensive range of not only conventional, but organic & natural options. So whether you prefer to follow the clean 15 or eat all organic, you will find what you’re looking for in our stores.

An Incomparable Variety

More Organic Produce
Our commitment to choice extends far beyond the categories of organic & conventional products. Most other supermarkets offer only the basics in their organic selections. Not us. In our expanded produce sections, you will find not only organic carrots, apples and salads, but harder to find organic produce including organic kale, rainbow chard, pea shoots, mangoes and more.
More Natural Meats
You will also find natural & game meats in our meat department. American raised, hormone free, antibiotic free, preservative free, free-range & vegetarian fed across all categories – whether you’re looking for poultry, beef or pork. Whatever your priority is in choosing cuts, we will help you find it.

Unbeatable Savings

Organic & natural foods tend to cost more than conventional because of the laborious systems required to grow food without chemicals, and also the additional cost of gaining certification. At Caraluzzi’s, we try to curb that extra cost with sales on organic & natural produce, meats and grocery items every week. Often, these selections are even cheaper than the conventional counterparts.
Smarter Shopping: Tips for Saving Money on Organics
Trying to cut the cost of organics even more? Remember that eating conventionally grown fruits and veggies is better than not eating any at all! Then check out the Environmental Working Groups “Clean 15” list. It lists 15 fruits and veggies that hardly absorb pesticides used in conventional farming. If you’re concerned about pesticide exposure, save by purchasing these items conventionally and buying any soft skinned fruits and vegetables you might want from our organic shelves.

Exceptional Quality

The Freshest Produce
We hear this compliment time and time again from our customers. Our produce is always fresh. If our suppliers send us damaged or aged goods, we don’t put it on the shelves. It’s as simple as that. So shop with us knowing you will always have the highest quality produce available, right in your shopping cart.
The Freshest Meats
Our meat never sits in a warehouse, like you will find with many conventional grocers, and it is not treated with carbon monoxide to change its natural color. Our butchers will custom cut for you on request, ensuring you have the freshest meat possible. Our burgers are made fresh daily, from our butchers own cuts of beef. The old school butcher’s shop, built on solid craftsmanship and pride in ones work, is not dead as many claim. It’s alive & well, here at Caraluzzi’s.
We are Local
We are a local store, serving the Fairfield County community for over 64 years. During that time, we’ve had the opportunity to forge amazing partnerships with local artisans and farmers. With such a vast array of local products your fingertips, you know your products came from the farm or dairy to our store, and then your table, faster, ensuring a incomparable freshness. You won’t find local like this at other supermarkets.

Part of our organic vegetable section.
Part of our organic fruit section.

Grass fed beef steaks