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Artisan Spotlight: Crave Brothers

Crave Brothers is not like other cheese producers. The cheese they produce is carbon negative, from the farm where their cows graze to the dairy where their cheeses are handcrafted. In addition to producing cheese using renewable energy from their biodigester, Crave Brothers’ practices water conservation throughout all areas of production.
Their handcrafted, small batch Petit Frére comes nestled in recyclable packaging. The cheese is made delicately: hand ladled, the rind washed regularly with brine and matured for a minimum of three weeks in the dairy’s underground cheese cave. When young this cheese has a clean, milky and almost lemony taste, but when matured takes on a distinctly earthy undertone.
This soft, ripened cheese is perfect for a cheese course, served with your favorite wine or Belgian style ale.


Crave Brothers' biodigester converts cow manure into useable electric energy.