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Local Spotlight: Arisco Farms in Cheshire, CT

70 acres nestled in the heart of Cheshire, Connecticut, Arisco Farms has been supplying quality produce and flowers to the local region since 1922. Here’s a sneak peek at our recent visit to the farm.

The sign welcoming us to the farm in Cheshire

First, Alex showed us the processing barn, where the produce is washed and cooled from sitting in the hot fields.

Next, we get a glimpse of one of the tomato fields.

Hand picking the produce allows for the same crop to yeild veggies all season


… lots of sweet summer corn!


First crops are usually planted in April. Here is a field just beginning to grow!

Our host and the farm owner, Alex Arisco and his son, Tom


The produce is washed and cooled using a conveyor belt that douses the veggies in cold water.


All of the produce at Arisco Farms is hand picked.


In addition to squash & zucchinni, Arisco's farm also grows beans, cucumbers, cabbage, flowers and…


The fields have fences around them, to protect the veggies from deer and other unwanted visitors.


You will find all this fresh produce from Arisco Farms ar your Caraluzzi's store!