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8 Unconventional Uses for Caraluzzi's Honey BBQ Sauce

You’ve almost finished that bottle of BBQ sauce. Maybe there is not enough to get your grill on, but this stuff is way too tasty to let it go to waste! Here are 8 easy & creative uses for your leftover BBQ sauce.

1. Use on Pizza

Coat pizza dough in our honey BBQ sauce instead of tomato sauce. Add mozzarella cheese, pineapple and ham for the perfect combination of smoky, savory, sweet & tangy. If pineapple is not your style, you can also top this pizza with pieces of delicious BBQ chicken.

2. Add to Deviled Eggs

Your favorite deviled eggs recipe with a warm & sweet undertone. Before piping your usual recipe into the egg whites, stir BBQ sauce into the mixture to taste.


3. Stir in Mac & Cheese

Warm & gooey mac & cheese is perfectly complimented by the smoky flavor of BBQ sauce. Stir a table spoon or two into the sauce of your usual recipe. One taste and you won’t make mac & cheese without it ever again.
BONUS TIP: This approach also works excellent with buffalo sauce if you love spice!

4. Add to a Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Bacon

Spread BBQ sauce on two slices of bread; add slices of Vermont cheddar cheese and crispy strips of bacon. Cook your grilled cheese as you usually do, but be prepared for a whole new world of flavor.

5. Glaze over Grilled Salmon

We love BBQ sauce on ribs & chicken, but did you know you can also use BBQ sauce on fish? Use as a marinade for Salmon steaks. Add a bit of orange juice to the marinade for an extra kick.

6. Add to Simmering Beans

This simple step makes such a huge difference in taste. Add a couple tablespoons to simmering beans to really bring out their flavor.

7. Use in Pasta

Don’t knock it till you try it! A bit unorthodox, some people love using BBQ sauce in cold pasta salads. Get creative!

8. Make it a Salad Dressing

BBQ sauce makes a surprisingly good salad dressing. Low in calories and fat, it adds healthful, bold flavor to a salad full of healthy greens, peppers, grilled chicken breast and pepper jack cheese.