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Artisan Spotlight: The Beehive Cheese Company

When you take a bite of Beehive Cheese, it melts like butter in your mouth. That’s because Beehive Cheese is made from the creamiest milk in Utah and lovingly crafted into superior cheese by a family who shares a passion for the artisan way of life.
A modern cheese operation where old-world craftsmanship is embraced, The Beehive Cheese creamery sits at the mouth of Weber Canyon in forested Wasatch Mountains of Northern Utah; home to world-class powder skiing in the winter and meadows of heavenly wildflowers in the summer. While living in such a picturesque setting, brothers-in-law Pat Ford & Tim Welsh didn’t always have the opportunity to enjoy it. Working in the fast paced corporate world with grinding commutes, the two men traded in their laptops for early mornings stirring warm milk before sunrise – and they’ve never been happier.
That happiness translates to their work. Pat & Tom produce some of the best hand rubbed artisan cheeses on the market, all from the highest quality ingredients they can get their hands on, mostly from other Utah area artisans. Here are our three favorite cheeses from the Beehive:

Big John’s Cajun Rubbed

The spice is right! This Cajun rub was developed by Ogden, Utah chef John Dearmin. Unlike typical Cajun rubs, Big John uses cayenne pepper instead of paprika. Sorry, the rest of the recipe is top secret. The spiciness of the rub is a nice compliment to the creamy texture of the cheese. Watch out, this cheese packs a heated punch as you get to the rind.
Eat with: chutney, preserves, shaved on a salad, melted over a burger with avocado
Drink with: medium to full-bodied red wines, champagne, fruity wheat beer.


SeaHive is hand-rubbed with wildflower honey harvested from a farm near the creamery and RealSalt sea salt. RealSalt is harvested from an ancient sea bed near Redmond, Utah and contains unique flecks of color from more than 50 trace minerals. Over all, SeaHive is a beautifully balanced treat with snappy, fruity notes and a smooth, creamy texture.
Eat with: shaved on salads or soups
Drink with: hoppy ales or fruity white wines


As the patriarch of the Beehive family of cheese, Promontory is an Irish-style cheese with a buttery, full-bodied texture and snappy, citrus-like fruity notes. Made from the milk of Jersey cows from Ogden’s Wadeland South Dairy, Wadeland’s Jersey cows enjoy 350 acres near the salty marshes, ponds & mudflats of the mineral-loaded soil of the Great Salt Lake.
Eat with: honey, preserves, gourmet mac & cheese, grilled panini with roasted red peppers
Drink with: medium to full-bodied red wines, ales & IPAs
Look for the Beehive Company label at any one of our cheese islands:
Photos provided by The Beehive Cheese Company

The Promontory

Big John's Cajun Rubbed