Resources for an Awesome Picnic

Are you ready for grilling season? We've got the scoop on all things grilling & BBQ. Learn everything from choosing the perfect cut to the best cooking method with Ribs 101, plus we spill all the lesser known secrets of grilling.
Check out our grill worthy recipes like mini steak sandwiches, kabobs, or grilled chicken with summer squash and lemon mustard dressing. We will even give you tips on what to do with that leftover BBQ sauce. Don't forget your in-store grilling resources. Our butchers of a cut above the rest, so be sure to ask them for tips and suggestions. Then again... you might just want to let us do all the cooking for you. Our catering menu offers everything from sandwiches to potato salads & deviled eggs. Click for the full menu.
If you're looking for the best burgers, look no further than our meat department. Made from our butchers own trimmings of Certified Angus Beef, our frozen burgers are the highest quality, at the lowest price. Check out our butcher's case for gourmet varieties and grass fed burgers, also made fresh in-store.
You might not be throwing the picnic this year, but maybe you've been put in charge of handling the desert. We've got your back. Stop in our bakery department for patriotic themed goodies and our hands down customer favorite for the summer season - the mouth-watering fruit tart.
However you celebrate summer, enjoy your time with friends & family!

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