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Caraluzzi's Bruschetta

An old world Italian appetizer topping made with diced tomatoes, garlic and basil. Pair with Parisian toast from our bakery for a classic and inexpensive entertainment option.
To Make You Will Need:
• 1 Jar of Caraluzzi’s Bruschetta
• 1 Parisian Baguette
• 1 Bunch of Parsley
• Butter or margarine
• Crushed Garlic
1. Have your Parisian baguette sliced at our bakery. Should yeild between 29 and 35 slices.
2. At home, melt a generous amount of butter and crushed garlic in a sauce pan.
3. Arrange baguette slices on trays with no slices overlapping. Pour garlic butter mixture over slices.
4. Bake Slices in the oven at 365 degrees Fahrenheit for about 12 minutes. Allow to cool.
5. Once cool, spoon Caraluzzi’s bruschetta on top of each baguette. Add a parsley leaf for garnish.
To make this appetizer even easier, skip steps 1 through 4 and just purchase a pre-made box of bruschetta toast, made fresh from our bakery.