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Gourmet chocolates in festive Valentine's Day packaging.

Ritter Gourmet German Chocolate Bars

Green & Black Decadent Organic Gourmet Chocolate Bars

Nibmore Vegan Organic Fair-Trade Chocolate Bars and Endangered Species Organic, Fair-Trade Chocolate Bars (10% of Net Profits Donated to Wildlife Conservation Efforts)

You share a deep love… of chocolate! We’re stocking up on all your favorite chocolates. Here’s just a taste of some sweets you will find on our shelves, including local, organic and gourmet treats.

Gourmet Favorites



“Bringing the best of Belgium to the world,” Godiva chocolate is known for its decadent secret recipe for melt in your mouth chocolates and truffles, relentlessly guarded over decades. Godiva’s first boutique, opening in Belgium in 1926, quickly became a national treasure before its wide spread popularity sparked the opening of a second boutique in Paris’ fashionable Rue St. Honoré. Godiva fever spread through Europe until crossing the pond in 1964, upon the opening of a boutique on New York’s famous Fifth Avenue. Entering markets in Tokyo, Dubai and Instanbul over the next few decades, Godiva has retained its heritage for fine, Belgian chocolate, innovative recipes and stylishly decorated decadence.

Ritter Sport

It was the first Alfred Ritter’s wife that suggested Ritter Sport’s iconic shape, a square made to fit perfectly into the pocket of a sports jacket with the same mass and weight as a traditional chocolate bar. The second Alfred Ritter continued the family’s innovative tradition, introducing their famous bright packaging and slogan “Quality. Chocolate. Squared.” It was Alfred Ritter the third that introduced the companies environmental mission, using renewable energy for the production of its chocolate bars & its recyclable packaging. And while all these changes happened since Ritter’s founding in Germany 1912, one thing has remained the same – the Ritter family’s dedication to quality ingredients. Using only the finest ingredients available, Ritter attributes its heavenly taste to sourcing the best tasting whole ingredients, and the density of the chocolates which it produces. Taste for yourself!


The outstanding reputation of Swiss chocolates can be traced in part back to Roldolphe Lindt, the wildly famous chocolatier and owner of a small confectionery in Zurich. Developing the manufacturing process that gives chocolate the warm, decadent melting characteristics that we attribute to fine chocolate today, he later sold his small shop to the Sprungli family, who were among the first Swiss chocolatiers to adopt the practice of creating chocolate in bar form. Combining these two family histories, practiced in the art of chocolate making and rich in knowledge, helped to craft Lindt chocolates into the world renowned company it is today.


One of the few American chocolate companies that oversees the entire creation of their chocolates, from cocoa bean to finished product, Ghirardelli selects only the finest, most uniform chocolate beans for a consistent taste. With a unique roasting and refining process that attributes to their famous “melt-in-your-mouth” flavor, Ghirardelli has remained the American staple for fine chocolate since it was first on the market over 160 years ago.


The first patented chocolate bar with almonds and honey, Toblerone’s creator Theadore Tobler knew the bar and its iconic shape would become an instant success. While many believe the bar’s triangular peak is modeled after the peaks of the Swiss Alps, his sons indicate a different source of inspiration: a human pyramid formed by the dancers of the Folies Bergères in Paris as their final act.


Fine Belgian chocolate with superior workability. Renown for over 100 years for its superior quality, this chocolate is ideal for making fondue. Surprise your sweetie with a romantic & fun night in.

Chuao Chocolatier

For those who are a little more adventurous, Chuao Chocolatier masters the combination of salty and sweet with unexpected flavor combinations like a Maple Bacon Chocolate Bar, a Potato Chip Chocolate Bar and their crunchy Popcorn Chocolate Bar. Also delicious choices are their Honeycomb Chocolate Bar and their Salted Caramel Chocolate Bar which features the added crunch of bread crumbs.



Bad Louie’s Fudge

23 years ago, Louis Cocozza was stirring a vat of chocolate over his stove, making fudge as a holiday gift for his first clients as a commercial print ad salesman. Today Cocozza is still stirring small batches, now from a commercial, licensed kitchen in his Sandy Hook home. Keeping true to the original recipe that his clients had come to love, Bad Louie’s fudge has earned a reputation of being “so good, it’s bad.” No way you can eat just one piece!

Hauser Chocolatier

First opening their famous confectionery in 1983 on Greenwood Avenue in Bethel, Swiss native Ruedi Hauser and his wife set out to bring hand-made decadent chocolates and desserts to the United States. Try their chocolate lace crumbles, used to top ice cream, mousse and other desserts, as a special treat.



Green & Black Organic

The first ever Fair Trade Certified chocolate bar in the UK, Green & Black has become a company renowned for creating high quality organic and fair trade chocolates with intense flavor. Their website suggests to place the chocolate on your tongue “and let is melt slowly. Enjoy the velvety texture and allow your palate to take in the full flavor.”

Endangered Species Chocolate

This chocolate bar does more than just taste good. 10% of net profits from Endangered Species Chocolates go to support conservation programs that work towards sustaining the environment for all species. Non-GMO Certified, Fair Trade Certified, Rainforest Alliance Certified, and Organic, much thought is put into the production of these chocolates and their impact on the world. The office, warehouse, and production facilities of Endangered Species Chocolate are powered 100% by wind energy, and through smart processes, Endangered Species Chocolate has been able to reduce material waste from the production of their chocolates to less than 2%.


A guilty pleasure, without the guilt! Nibmor vegan & gluten free chocolates boast the motto of “As close to nature as it gets!” Organic & GMO free, Nibmor offers the philosophy that our choices should be healthy and sustainable, but lots of fun too! Even when it comes to something as simple as snacking.