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Following The Creation of Caraluzzi's Coffee

Dry processing produces robust, smooth and complex coffee flavors. Also known as the “natural” process, cherries are spread out in the sun to dry. They are rotated regularly to ensure the beans dry evenly. Next, they are placed into a peeling machine to remove the fruit flesh. Finally, the beans are cleaned and sorted. 


Wet processing produces brighter, fruitier coffee. These cherries are left to soak as the ripe ones float to the top. They are then fermented in large containers to remove the fruit flesh from the bean. The beans are then washed again and dried in the sun.


After they are dry, the green beans are placed in sacks, usually weighing 152lbs. The next step is the inspection for grading. Samples are taken, roasted, ground and brewed to guarantee the highest quality of satisfaction. After this examination, the sacks are stamped with a quality seal and are ready for roasting.


To take beans from raw to robust, a roasting oven is used. Different roasting techniques are applied, depending on the overall taste characteristics desired.