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Following the Creation of Caraluzzi's Coffee

At Carraluzzi’s, our coffees are step fired roasted to ensure an even and well balanced finished product. The step fire method starts with modifying the amount of flame and duration in the initial firing. This step allows the outside of the bean to slightly change color but not to scorch or burn.  We then lower the flame, allowing the bean to slow cook. This slow roasting step consistently provides an even roast and color throughout the bean.


Next, bean color and temperature is inspected by the roast master. Once approved, the roast will be ended by “quenching,” the process of adding 3 gallons of water to a 440 lb. bean load. The water immediately vaporizes and slightly brings down the bean temperature while supplying the beans with additional moisture.


Beans are then poured into the cooling drum, where the coffee is circulated for even cooling.  Beans then “de-gas,” releasing carbon di-oxide for twenty-four hours. Finally, the beans are ready for packaging.


At Caraluzzi’s we care about taste and convenience. That’s why our premium coffee is sold both pre-ground in retail size packaging and in bean form, for fresh ground coffee.  Try a cup of our coffee brewed in store. A variety of flavors from the world’s best beans, roasted to perfection, you might just start looking forward to mornings!