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Fresh Baked Easter Desserts and Easter Breads

Easter Dinner Ideas

Spring foods are delicious, so it’s no wonder Easter dinner is one of our favorite meals. Can’t you just smell that baked ham already?! Here we've compiled some of our best spring offerings, available only for Easter!

The Main Dish

For Fans of Ham
Naturally smoked to perfection, our premium spiral cut ham comes to us from a small pork producer in the Pennsylvania Dutch country. Each ham also comes with a glaze packet to ensure superior succulence and flavor and is available whole or half. Just look for the Caraluzzi’s label and red foil packaging. Caraluzzi’s Spiral Cut Hams, you won’t have to compromise on price for quality.
If You'd Rather Have Lamb
Lamb is also one of our favorite spring entrees, so to ensure quality for such a special meal, we sell only fresh, American lamb. With a higher meat-to-bone ratio than imported lamb, American lamb offers more value for your dollar. Never flown across the ocean, American lamb also requires less transport, so it’s always the freshest option for your table. For Easter we have boneless leg of lamb and whole leg of lamb, but you can also order a frenched rack of lamb, or even crown roast, from our butchers for an impressive Easter centerpiece.
The King of All Roasts
A standing Rib Roast is also an impressive entree. Known as "the King of All Roasts," this juicy semi-boneless roast is less dainty than lamb, but packed with just as much tender flavor. Keep seasoning to a minimum to get the full, juicy taste that you can only get from roasting. We like to time this roast so its last 15 minutes of cooking happens as our guests mingle with some pre-dinner wine and cheese. The house fills with a savory aroma that gets everyone excited for dinner!
Click here to learn more about the Easter meats we have for sale this year.

Simple Compliments

Roasting your entrée can be a huge time commitment, so we hope you take advantage of some of our affordable catering options to help you save time on side dishes. We offer deviled eggs, green beans almondine, twice baked or scalloped potatoes and much more. Click here to view your options in detail with our catering menu.

Breads & Desserts

Any holiday that involves decorating food has to be fun, but why just stop at the Easter eggs? We think all that excitement should carry to your family table, so our bakers worked to create fun Easter themed breads and desserts to compliment the rest of your meal.
Our favorite is the Easter bread basket piled high with snowflake rolls, but we also love the Easter bread, which includes dyed, hard boiled eggs hidden in a wreath of challah for you to find! Finish the meal with a choice of pignoli cookies or our colorful Italian rainbow cake, a version of everyone’s favorite Italian cookie made for sharing! All bakery items are available for pre-order, so order today and pick-up conveniently on Easter morning for the freshest baked goods around.


As always, we are open Easter from 7 am to 6 pm, just in time for last minute shopping or to pick up Easter flowers for your host. See you then!