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History – Continued

Caraluzzi’s Markets is now well into its third generation of family management. The business operates under the direction of Mark Caraluzzi as President and CEO and is comprised of two other members of the third generation: Jennifer Caraluzzi Dimyan and Steve Caraluzzi, both of whom hold executive positions and play key roles in running the company. Matt is involved in the Bethel store and allows for a family presence in all of our locations. Members of the 2nd generation Tony Jr. and Bob are around from time to time keeping up with the community.


At any given time of the day you can find several members of the family on-hand. And we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest level of service, quality, and low prices.


Since 1949 many grocery store competitors have come and gone yet Caraluzzi’s remains the steadfast staple for our areas.
“Stop by any of our stores and you’ll see why!”
– The Caraluzzi Family