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Host Gift Ideas

First Row – Balsamic Vinegar of Modena aged 5 years, 10 years and 20 years. Back row – La Marne Champagne Vinegar, Terra Medi Red Wine Vinegar & Terra Medi Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Includes white & black truffle salts and oils, truffle honey and truffle thrills.


Flavors include Balsamic Four Onion, Chili Red Pepper, Roast Eggplant, Artichoke Parmesan, Apple Carmalized Onion, Portabello Mushroom & Rosemary Pear


Columbus Wine Salami & Paper Wrapped Dry Cured Salami


Gifts of Great Taste

For gifts as sophisticated as your host, look no further than Caraluzzi’s. You won’t find these gourmet goods in any other supermarket!
Here are some of our top picks for this holiday season:

La Piana Aged Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

Produced and bottled in Modena, Italy according to age old traditions, this Italian vinegar bears the IGP seal, an indication of its authenticity. Choose from balsamic vinegar aged either 5, 10 or 20 years for premium taste and a gift that will leave a lasting impression on your host.

Terra Medi Red Wine Vinegar or Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The stunning modern design of these bottles make them ideal for gifting, as well as their high quality origins and affordable price tag. Boasting the European Union’s PGI seal, Terra Medi Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced from koroneiki olives grown on Greece’s Peloponnesian Peninsula. Cold-pressing of these hand-picked olives produces a fruity, mellow oil with a very low acidity. Terra Medi Red Wine Vinegar, crafted on the Verdant Estates of Peloponnese, is produced from Corinthian grapes – the very same grapes use to create the region’s famous wine. Gift both these foodie favorites together for less than $20.

La Marne Champagne Vinegar

From Reims, France comes this authentic champagne vinegar. Its beautifully simplistic packaging and luxurious origins make this an ideal gift for any holiday party – Especially a New Year’s Eve celebration!

Urbani Truffles

The Urbani line of truffle infused ingredients will delight any host. Imagine receiving a bottle of white truffle oil or truffle infused honey. Delectable… and affordable. Truffles themselves can cost hundreds of dollars, but Urbani’s unique approach to infusing the gourmet flavor of truffles into kitchen staples allows you to gift from an assortment of luxurious ingredients for $30 or less. Look for the Urbani display in our deli department.

Divina Olives

Mt. Athenos olives hand stuffed in Greece with appetizing ingredients like Bleu Cheese and Feta. An excellent addition to a gift basket or a savory present on its own. Find in the same grocery aisle as oils and vinegars.

Gracious Gourmet Spreads and Tapenades

Chic packaging and innovative ingredient pairings make these gourmet spreads ideal for gifting. Try Rosemary Pear or Apple Caramel Onion for a taste of the season. Visit graciousgourmet.com and choose one of their recipes to include in your card. Find in the same aisle as our sauces, oils and vinegars.

Swiss Chocolates

Collectible tins filled with rich milk and dark chocolate imported from the Swiss Alps. Easy, impressive and affordable, these tins are the makings of a indulgently perfect host gift. You’ll find these in our deli department.

Columbus Wine Salami

Dry cured and aged authentic Italian salami infused with your favorite wines and wrapped in attractive holiday packaging, no additional wrapping necessary! Paper wrapped traditional salami also available this season to add to your own gift basket. Look for these near our cheese islands.

Fine Cheese Co. Crackers & Toasts

From Bath, England comes Fine Cheese Co. flavored crackers and toasts. Stored in masterfully designed tins and packages that echo old English sentiment with a modern twist – their cracker flavors add a little something extra to any cheese board. Whether it’s fig flavored crackers or toast with the essence of chili pepper, your host will love to explore the new flavors contained in each package. Found on our store’s cheese islands.

Caraluzzi’s Sea Salt or 5 Pepper Blend

Gift the gourmet version of kitchen staples. Our best selling coarse Sea Salt or 5 Pepper Blend will be a welcome addition to your host’s pantry. Include a peppercorn grinder with your gift, in case your host is not equipped to grind the pepper themselves. Located in our deli department.

Dresden Butter Stollen

Invoke the warmth and flavor of Christmas past with Dresden Butter Stollen, baked in European tradition with Frau Helga’s authentic old world recipe. This sentimental gift comes pre-wrapped in a cheerful poinsettia wrapping paper and a green bow. Find in the bakery department.

Wilkin and Sons Christmas Pudding

From England comes this traditional Christmas pudding, hand packed in an earthenware basin with cloth, ready to heat and enjoy. Handsome red and gold filigree packaging makes this tasty treat the perfect nostalgic gift for any host who seeks to invoke a classic Christmas celebration.