Kids Love Caraluzzi's


Come visit us at Caraluzzi's for a fun and interactive learning experience. Bring your elementary school class, boy scout or girl scout troop to one of our stores for a field trip! Children will have the opportunity to explore and discover the inner workings of our store and travel beyond the doors of where our customers are not normally permitted. During their visit here, children can expect the following:

  • To learn interesting facts about everyday foods, even discover new and exotic ones
  • Observe the creative ways we prepare appetizing and unique foods for our customers
  • Receive delicious treats and goodies along the way throughout the store
  • Appreciate the importance of our environment and the importance of recycling
  • Walk into the depths of our ice cream freezers filled with every flavor imaginable
  • Watch how food makes it off the delivery truck and onto our store shelves
  • Understand the importance of solid work ethic and even become a cashier


Tours are available during most of the year with the exception of weeks that are surrounding holidays. Times and days vary depending on the availability of staff and the demands of each location. Each tour lasts approximately an hour in length. Please contact our front end manager at any of our supermarket locations for further details.
Caraluzzi's is open for business while the tour is taking place, so for the safety of the children, we ask that they follow simple directions and be on their best behavior. Please limit your group to 25 children or less.