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Local Produce

Confreda's Tomatoes

Apples from Blue Jay Orchards

Local, Seasonal Produce now Available!

Wonder where our local produce comes from? Read on to learn about the family farms that supply Caraluzzi’s with fresh, local produce.

Arisco Farms – Cheshire, Connecticut

This family owned and operated farm has been nestled in the heart of Connecticut since 1922. Arisco Farms supplies Caraluzzi’s with annuals & herbs for our garden center as well as fresh produce.

Gilbertie’s Herb Gardens – Wesport, Connecticut

Gilbertie’s organic petite edibles provide maximum flavor and health. A mouthwatering blend of small herbs and greens makes for a flavorful topping on burgers and sandwiches, or a salad that backs a punch. With plenty of flavor provided by an assortment of herbs, no salad dressing is needed to enjoy this healthy snack.

Fair Weather Acres – Rocky Hill, Connecticut

Providing fresh Connecticut grown produce from spring to fall, the gem of Fair Weather Acres is their crisp, green beans. With 600 acres dedicated to the bean, Fair Weather Acres produces approximately 20,000 pounds daily. Click here to see how Fair Weather Acres harvests their beans!

Confrieda’s – Hope, Rhode Island

Farming since 1922, the Confreda family has worked to provide customers with high quality produce, always expanding their efforts to bring customers into the family farm experience.

Blue Jay Orchards – Bethel, Connecticut

During the late summer and early fall, Caraluzzi’s stocks apples from Blue Jay Orchards, as well as their famous mouth-watering apple cinnamon doughnuts. Pick your own everyday with local apples from Caraluzzi’s Markets.

Supply depends on season and availability