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Photos courtesy of Dere Street

Old Favorites. New Uses.

Have you tried our scones?  7 different flavors ranging from savory to sweet, prepared daily in our on-site bakery, they’re a customer favorite. Typically eaten as a breakfast pastry or with a mid-day tea, scones can be a key element in many meals far beyond their typical use.
A savory scone perfectly complements a chili or hearty stew. The fluffy yet biscuit-like texture provides melt-in-your mouth satisfaction, but is still substantial enough for dipping. Try our Jalapeno scone with home-made bean chili. The starch of the lentils should balance the spicy jalapeno in the scone perfectly. For a quick meal on the go, pair jalapeno scones with heat-and-eat chili, available in our hot-foods department.
Make mini sandwiches for a quick snack using Cheddar Chive scones. Cut a cheddar chive scone in half and pile with smoked turkey, honey ham and Swiss cheese. This scone sandwich can also make a great appetizer. Cut your prepared sandwich into fourths, and secure each quarter with a toothpick for easy eating.
Enjoy the rich flavor of ginger, blueberry or cranberry scones as a light lunch paired with juicy fruits, such as purple grapes, raspberries or blueberries. It’s a picnic perfect, easy to pack lunch that will make your afternoon gourmet.
A time of relaxation in the middle of a busy day, scones are usually eaten with afternoon tea in the United Kingdom. However you use them, keep the scones British tradition in mind. Relax and enjoy your gourmet treat!