Gilbertie's Greens

Growing food and flowers for the Fairfield county area since 1922, we visited the Gilbertie family's green house in Easton to see how they grow their delicious, organic micro-greens. Healthier and more flavorful than full sized greens, Gilbertie's Greens can be found in the produce section of Caraluzzi's year round.

Inside the greenhouse where Gilbertie's micro herbs are grown

Micro herbs are more concentrated in nutrients than their full sized counterparts

Micro herbs are planted every week, and harvested at four weeks

Most herbs are planted by hand

5 varieties to choose from

The greenhouse is climate controlled, allowing Gilbertie's to grow its herbs all year

They are also considered to be more flavorful

This is a new bed of seedlings

Some are planted using this machine, guided by one of the farmers

Find in our produce department