Caraluzzi’s Markets respects your privacy. We are not in the business of selling information about our customers. Any information we collect throughout your normal course of transactions with us is used for one of two areas:

The information is used to determine whether or not to extend credit to our customers through check cashing privileges and for the purpose of marketing directly to our customers.

Marketing could exist in the form of newspaper, digital, radio, direct mail, e-mail, inserts or other types of promotions. Caraluzzi’s does not use telemarketing. Again, this information will not be sold to any other company.

For e-mail and our frequent shopper programs we ask pertinent questions so that we may tailor information to your needs and provide you with the correct information.

You reserve the right not to receive any direct mail or e-mail campaigns. If you would like to be excluded from these marketing efforts please jot your full name, full address and/or e-mail address on an index card and mail it to:

Caraluzzi’s Markets
Mail Preference
5 Francis J. Clarke Circle
Bethel CT 06801

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We reserve the right to update & modify this policy at any time. We hope that you find shopping in our stores to be a pleasant experience and we thank you for your support.