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Quality and Savings. A Perfect Pair.

Caraluzzi’s offers a variety of fruits and vegetables farmed from all over the globe. Whether you want exotic choices or local favorites, our produce is unbeatable in both quality and price, year-round.


A variety of organic produce at lower than average prices, earth conscious and budget conscious go hand in hand at Caraluzzi’s.


Caraluzzi’s works to provide Connecticut grown produce when available during the summer months. Less travel time means fresher fruits and vegetables for your family! Learn more about our local products here.


Fresh Cut Fruit
We believe healthy should also be easy. As a nutritious entertaining option or a simple snack, we offer fresh cut fruit platters and packages.


Premium Driscoll’s Strawberries
Driscolls has been committed to growing quality strawberries for over 100 years. With commitment comes distinction. Only 1% of strawberry breeds earn the Driscoll name. Caraluzzi’s sells Driscoll’s premium strawberries for a value price.


Driscoll’s Strawberries

Every season is berry season at Caraluzzi’s! Providing our customers with premium Driscoll’s strawberries year round.

Organic Produce

Sales on organic & natural produce every week!

Local Products

Get a taste of Connecticut! Click to learn about some of our local suppliers.