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Dedication to our community

Our commitment to our customers began in 1949 when our family opened our first market on Greenwood Avenue in Bethel. Since then we have grown, but our mission has always been to be the supermarket of choice by satisfying the diverse and changing needs of our customers, employees, communities, and business partners. We value our customers and support our local organizations, as our foundation for success is directly linked with the values of our community.

Customer support

The Caraluzzi’s Facebook page has been created so that we can provide a place to share our markets’ weekly sales, news, and events with our customers. We value your feedback and remain steadfast in our commitment to providing quality customer service. We know we aren’t perfect and sometimes you may be displeased with us. If you have a complaint or a specific issue that needs to be addressed, please contact us directly at customerservice@caraluzzis.com or visit the customer service desk at one of our stores. Our Facebook page is not intended to be a customer service channel.

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Keeping it positive

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User-generated comments

Please remember that the views and opinions expressed from other users on our Facebook page do not necessarily represent our opinions and views and we cannot vouch for the accuracy of comments from other users. We do not plan on removing a comment unless it is offensive, vulgar, mean-spirited, defamatory, irrelevant, attacks other users, our employees, a competitor or their products, is a third-party solicitation, or goes against Facebook’s terms and conditions. We reserve the right to remove any content from this page. Basically we just ask that you be nice and behave here as you would in one of our stores.

As your neighborhood market we are proud to be your destination for top quality foods and groceries at low prices. Our Facebook page is an extension of our store and should be an enjoyable experience for all our guests.