Local, Since 1949.

Caraluzzi's Bethel Market original location on Greenwood Avenue - Circa 1949

Bethel Food Market Circa 1959
Bethel Food Market Circa 1959
Bethel Food Market Circa 1990s
Circa 1990s
Caraluzzi's Wine & Spirits Bethel
Caraluzzi's Wine & Spirits, formerly Nutmeg Discount Liquors
Mark, Jen and Steve Caraluzzi
Mark, Jen & Steve 2004
Caraluzzi's Danbury Market
Caraluzzi's Danbury Market
Caraluzzi's Danbury Market
Steve, Mark and Jen at the Danbury Grand Opening

History of Caraluzzi's Supermarket CT

About us.

In 1949, after working 27 years for Gristede's Supermarkets in the Bronx, NY, Anthony Caraluzzi Sr. invested every last nickel he had and bought the former Bethel Fruit & Vegetable Market on Greenwood Avenue in Bethel, CT.

Tony and his eldest son Lou immediately converted the market into a grocery store, expanding the product lines to include meats and other grocery items. Back then most of the business came from phone orders and home deliveries.

One by one, each of Tony's sons came into the business. Lou from inception, Ed and Bob each came aboard, then Tony Jr. in 1960.

By 1952 the business expanded with the purchase of the Redding Ridge Market, and in 1959 the Bethel Food Market moved up the road to 98 Greenwood Avenue, where it still stands today.

In 1973 the store expanded to 14,000 square feet and included an attached Bank with in-store teller service.

In 1989, the store expanded once again. This expansion more than doubled the size putting the store at 31,000 square feet and included many new departments including full service bakery and hot prepared foods. In the 1990's, members of the third generation entered the business in a major capacity. Ed's son Matthew running the frontend operations and Bob's son Steve took over the grocery department.

In 1997, Tony Jr.'s daughter Jennifer entered the business to open Nutmeg Discount Liquors. The Wine and Spirits 15,000 sqft super-store is located at the site of a former chain store competitor. The store has been rebranded Caraluzzi's Wine and Spirits for growth plans and was a pioneer in the superstore movement as one of the largest liquor stores in Connecticut, long before others.

In 2001, Tony Jr's son Mark re-entered the business in a business development and marketing capacity, focusing on store expansion opportunities and building the Caraluzzi's brand.

In 2002, the Bethel store underwent another major expansion and complete remodel of the store, creating spacious aisles and a greenhouse entrance. The expansion also included new departments such as full-service floral and seafood, a sushi bar and much more.

In 2003, the family opened their second supermarket in Wilton, CT in an area known as Georgetown. The Caraluzzi's Georgetown Market took over the former A&P location on Route 7 and involved a total interior demolition.

In 2005 Tony Jr. successfully transitioned the management to the third generation. A rarity in family business. The business operates under the direction of Mark Caraluzzi as President and CEO and is comprised of two other members of the third generation: Jennifer Caraluzzi Dimyan and Steve Caraluzzi, who hold executive positions and play key roles in running the company. Another third generation family member, Matt works up front in the Bethel store and shines in his customer service. Members of the second generation Tony Jr. and Bob are snow birds but still enjoy a coffee up front in Bethel once in a while and say hello to old friends and customers.

In October 2008, the family opened their third supermarket in Newtown, Connecticut. The Caraluzzi’s Newtown Market took over a space formerly occupied by Grand Union. The market includes elements such as a full-service butcher case, expanded cheese department, Wi-Fi Café and much more.

In 2017, Caraluzzi's Wine and Spirits opened a second location in Danbury, CT. Caraluzzi's Wine & Spirits Danbury Fairgrounds superstore offers the same product, service, and expertise as our flagship store.

In 2020, Caraluzzi's redeveloped the adjacent properties to the Bethel grocery store and built a new retail and office building and incorporated it into the same parking lot to create one shopping center. The Caraluzzi's Wine & Spirits in Bethel was relocated from down the road into the new building.

In 2021, Caraluzzi's Wine & Spirits opened another new location in the same shopping center of the Caraluzzi's Georgetown Market continuing a theme of creating customer convenience of one stop shopping.

In 2022, Caraluzzi's Wine & Spirits opened in Ridgefield making that the fourth wine and spirits store.

In September 2022, Caraluzzi's completed building a ground up shopping center in Danbury. This new site is the location of Caraluzzi's fourth grocery store and fifth wine and spirits store creating a super convenient shopping experience being located side by side. The new grocery store highlights the strengths of Caraluzzi's and new concepts that include Neopolitan style pizzas and expanded kitchen and cafe offerings.

At any given time of the day you can find several members of the family on-hand. And we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest level of service, quality, and low prices.

Since 1949 many grocery store competitors have come and gone yet Caraluzzi's remains the steadfast staple for our areas. "Stop by any of our stores and you'll see why!"

- The Caraluzzi Family