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Convenient and Reliable Grocery Delivery to Bethel, Newtown, Brookfield and Redding.

✔ Convenient delivery windows

✔ Shopped & delivered by Caraluzzi's employees

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✔ 100% Contactless

Sale prices run Monday - Sunday. Please note, pricing is based on delivery date, not order date.

Caraluzzi's Delivery

About Caraluzzi’s Delivery

Caraluzzi’s Delivery is available to Bethel, Newtown, Brookfield and Redding. The delivery fee is waived, minimum order amount is $35. Caraluzzi’s Delivery is 100% contactless and delivered to your doorstep.

How does Caraluzzi’s Delivery work?

  • Make Newtown your home store.
  • Set up your account. See account setup for instructions.
  • Log into Newtown Store (delivery is based out of Newtown location)
  • Delivery is available to Newtown (06470 & 06482), Brookfield (06804), Redding (06896) and Bethel (06801) zip codes only at this time. We will be adding more towns to our delivery radius over time.
  • On the day of your delivery, if you provide your cell phone number during the checkout process, you will receive 3 text notifications from us regarding your delivery
    1. Your driver is on their way (within 30 minutes of delivery)
    2. Your driver is arriving (pulling into street)
    3. Your delivery is complete
  • Our driver will leave your groceries at your front door unless otherwise noted in your order instructions. Please note that we will not ring the doorbell or knock on the door unless requested in order instructions.
  • Caraluzzi’s Delivery is 100% contactless.

Helpful Tips for Caraluzzi’s Delivery

  • Make sure you select the Newtown store for delivery to Bethel, Brookfield, Redding and Newtown zip codes.
  • During the checkout process, when prompted to enter in your delivery information, please provide your cell phone number instead of your landline number, so that you can receive delivery notifications via text message.
  • You can add order instructions on your shopping cart summary page and include notes for your driver. Please note there is a character limit in the order instructions field.

What our customers are saying...

Can't say enough nice things... you guys are just so buttoned up... everything was organized and packed beautifully, you called personally to ask about substitutes for items not in stock, everyone is extremely courteous, the website is well organized... I could go on... plus the delivery is free. It really feels like my lcoal market has my back in the midst of this pandemic. You absolutely blow Instacart away.

- Kathleen D.

Always a five-star experience—at least! I am consistently impressed by your curbside and delivery team members— everyone is friendly, accommodating and proactive, clearly dedicated to ensuring a standout customer experience. Thank you Avery and all of the Caraluzzi’s team for your awesome service!

- Laurie R.

I got Caraluzzi's delivery today. It was WAY above expectations. ALL the items were accounted for and great care was taken in bagging the groceries. I could not have dreamed of a better experience than the one that I had with this delivery service. It was the 1st time I have ever done delivery for groceries due to COVID and the promptness and accuracy reduced a huge amount of stress. THANK YOU!

- David H.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need help? Browse answers to frequently asked questions below.

We can only fulfill items that are listed on our website.

You can cancel your order anytime before we start shopping your order, or up to the day before your pickup date. Once we begin shopping your order the status will change and you will not be able to cancel. To cancel you order, login to your account and select ‘past orders’. Select the order you wish to cancel, and hit the 'Cancel Order' button.

If you received the wrong item please call the store and we will be happy to help.

Our sale pricing runs Monday - Sunday. Please note, pricing is based on delivery date, not order date.

Our employees cannot accept tips. If you insist on giving a tip, we will donate it to the local food pantry.

You can apply your CARE Rewards during the checkout process.

The Carlauzzi’s Delivery fee is waived at this time but there is a minimum order amount of $35.

If you would like to make changes after your order has been placed, call the store with your last name and order information and we will be able to assist. Please note for delivery orders, changes must be made at least 4 hours prior to the start of your delivery window. Because of preparation time for delivery, last minute changes cannot be made to orders.

We strongly suggest you schedule your delivery when you will be home to receive it. All delivery orders are placed in paper bags, and because many grocery items are perishable, they should not be left outside for an extended period of time.

Place as many of them in the cart as you would like to receive and each item will ring up at half price.

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