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Boost brain power on your break and be prepared to tackle the rest of the day. Aside from being a delicious lunch or snack, the omega-3 fatty acids in sushi improve memory. Our sushi is prepared on-site, all day, by master sushi chefs.


Sushi to-go!
Pre-made sushi packs are waiting ready-to-go in our sushi case. Each package is rolled fresh all day. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Our sushi experts will gladly take orders from customers. Stop in and see whats available. Click here to see our menu.


Party Platters
Sushi catering for any occasion
• Graduation celebrations
• Holiday parties
• Bridal showers/bachelorettes
• Sporting events
• Birthday parties
• Just because!



Cooking Ingredients

We stock a variety of hard to find items essential in creating mouthwatering Asian cusine.


Try something different! Make a refreshing selection from three delicious flavors of this popular imported Asian soft drink.

Candies and Snacks

These snacks are definetly not your traditional potato chips. Choose from an exciting assortment, including wasabi peas and chocolate rice wafers.