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Catch a Good Deal.

Delivered fresh 7 days a week, there is always something new in our markets. From wild caught to farm raised, our clerks can help you select the best seafood for any meal. Can’t find that something special? Check out our selection of wild caught, frozen seafood. These fish are immediately flash frozen upon catch, assuring premium quality that lasts from the ocean to your table.

Restaurant Quality at the Best Prices
At Caraluzzi’s we’re picky about seafood. Like our customers, we want high quality seafood for a value price. Caraluzzi’s whole fish is always thick and firm, with clear eyes and color saturated scales; all indications of healthy, quality fish that’s good for you and your family.
Delivered straight from the docks daily, we offer the variety and freshness of a fish market right in your own neighborhood. With a fast turn-over on our fresh seafood, we purchase only what we’ll sell for the day. We prefer to sell chemical-free seafood without added phosphates. We provide dry bay or sea scallops when available, ensuring your seafood isn’t pumped with added water. Choose from an extensive variety to meet any of your needs and qualifications.
Outsanding Selection
With a rotating selection of fresh and frozen varieties, we offer a breadth of choices usually found only at fish markets. Imagine 5 varieties of lobster tails, frogs legs, fresh swordfish and the area’s largest selection of shellfish; only a short drive from home. All this is possible with Caraluzzi’s fresh or frozen seafood. At Caraluzzi’s frozen doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. IQF (individual quality frozen) technology allows freshly caught seafood to be frozen immediately upon catch, right on the boat. Caraluzzi’s stocks a wide variety of seafood during all seasons at a quality standard above that of the average frozen seafood.
Local Catch
We choose fishing locations based on which produce the highest quality catch, which is often right here in Connecticut. With an eye towards sustainability, Caraluzzi’s is proud to carry Connecticaught seafood.Click here to learn more about Connecticaught.


Making Seafood Simple
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Local Seafood


Wild, locally caught seafood now available at Caraluzzi’s. Just look for the Connecticaught logo. Click to learn more about Connecticaught.

Seafood Cooking Chart

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