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Better Prices. Better Products.

Variety, quality and low prices. Whether you’re searching for rare products or the best bargains, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our aisles.


Variety and Selection
From every day items to organics and gourmet, we’ve got your needs covered! We offer plenty of options for weekly staples at a range of price points. Whatever your budget, you’ll find a selection of quality items.


Local Products
Some of the highest quality products come from our neighbors! We are proud to carry Connecticut brands. Click here to learn more about local artisanal products.
Caraluzzi’s Brand
We put extreme care and research into every product that bears the Caraluzzi’s label. Family Grocers since 1949, Caraluzzi’s knows quality, value and community. Click here to learn more about Caraluzzi’s brand products.


The Caraluzzi family shares a passion for fine foods. For fellow food enthusiasts, we offer a variety of hard to find, imported or artisanal products not found in other groceries. Satisfy your craving for quality and come see what we have in-store.


Caraluzzi’s Olive Oil


First cold press, quality olive oil at prices you’ll love. Click for recipe suggestions and more.

See How our Coffee is Made


Ever been curious where your coffee comes from? Click to see the whole process.

Easy Recipes


Some dishes only look difficult. Click to browse our recipe catalog.