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Caraluzzi’s Georgetown Market Cafe

Where Errands Meet Indulgence…

Say goodbye to boring coffee. Customers at Caraluzzi’s Newtown & Georgetown Markets can sip specialty beverages while they shop. Lattes, cappuccinos, espresso, chai tea and fruit smoothies are just a few of the drinks offered in our café.

Traditional coffee drinkers can choose from differently roasted and flavored varieties, including a selection of decaffeinated blends. Drinks can be paired with pastries or sandwiches and enjoyed in our seating area, completely with WiFi. It’s the perfect place to enjoy your lunch break with an afternoon pick me up.

Curious how our coffee is made? Click here and see the whole process.

Specialty Coffee

A variety of decadent coffee drinks for any time of day. Ask our barista for suggestions!

Paninis Hot-To-Go

When you’re craving a warm meal, these quick & portable paninis will satisfy.


The sweet taste of an Italian summer’s eve – any time of the year. Take a break from your errands and relax with a scoop of your favorite flavor.