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Sustainable & healthy.

Our farm raised seafood is responsibly sourced and sustainably raised without the use of antibiotics or harmful chemicals. Our farm raised seafood is never raised in crowded pens or vats and is raised in open waters. Our tilapia, Scottish salmon, and Prince Edward Island mussels are our most popular farm raised selections. Readily available and easy to prepare, these seafood favorites never disappoint.

Our Farm Raised Tilapia

Our farm raised tilapia is fed a plant-based diet and is 100% free of antibiotics, hormones, and growth promoters. While it is raised on farms, our tilapia is raised under controlled conditions that are carefully maintained and audited by third party observers. Our farm raised tilapia is raised in open waters off the coast of Costa Rica and is flown in fresh, never frozen like other stores. We never source our tilapia from China.

Our Farm Raised Prince Edward Island Mussels

Grown naturally in the nutrient-rich waters around Prince Edward Island, these mussels grow self-sustained with no feed or additives. PEI Mussels get all their nourishment naturally, from the pristine ocean waters that surround them while they grow. The fullness and flavor profile of the PEI Mussels makes it the choice of discerning chefs.

Our Farm Raised Scottish Salmon

Our farm raised Scottish Salmon are sourced at the junction of the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean where highly oxygenated, deep waters and raging currents create an ideal environment for sustainable fish farming. Progressive, low density and environmentally sound farming techniques eliminate the use of antibiotics and chemical support systems. These Salmon are raised on a specially formulated feed regimen based upon the purest, 100% marine oil from sustainable fish stocks that emulate the natural diet found in the wild providing the maximum Omega-3 fatty acid content.