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At Caraluzzi’s grocery store in Newtown, we believe bigger is better, fresher is tastier, and eating well should be easy.  Experience the Caraluzzi’s difference with exceptional quality, selection, and service. Family owned and operated since 1949, we are proud to be your destination in Newtown, CT for top quality foods and groceries at low prices. Each of our stores offers a local, full-service, personalized experience that is sure to make your shopping trip a pleasure. See what we have to offer in each of our departments in Newtown, CT:

Our Departments

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Deli and Cheese Shop

Caraluzzi's Meat Case

Full-Service Butcher Shop

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Chef Prepared Meals

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Florist & Garden Center

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Caraluzzi's Newtown Produce Department Farm Fresh Produce - Tomatoes on the Vine, Oranges, Limes, Lemons, Avocados in produce department

Fruits and Vegetables

Selection and savings are just a slice of what Caraluzzi’s deli in Newtown, CT has to offer. Choose from a wide variety of deli meats and cheeses sliced to order, including Boar’s Head brand and our very own Pure line of premium deli meats. Our customers love our freshly made deli salads, sandwiches, and prepared heat-and-serve meals. In a rush? Check out our prepackaged grab and go options featuring our best-selling salads and sandwiches. Our deli also offers customizable sandwich platters and subs for easy entertaining.

Plus, Caraluzzi’s offers a selection of nearly 300 cheeses from all over the world. Authentic Swiss, Spanish, French, Italian and Irish cheeses made from age old traditional recipes as well as local and artisanal award-winning cheeses. Great for entertaining, pair with gourmet stuffed olives and fresh baked bread from our Newtown bakery for the perfect cheese board. 

Our friendly and knowledgeable butchers are highly skilled and the best around. Unlike other stores, our meat is cut fresh in-house and our ground beef is ground fresh and in-store daily from our butcher’s fresh cuts of beef, without additives or preservatives. And our growing selection of butcher prepared ready to cook meats are a great option for entertaining or a quick no-fuss meal.

Featuring the best quality and widest variety of premium hand-cut Prime and Choice grade beef, as well as Certified Angus Beef at the lowest prices – our standard is our competitor’s upgrade! Whether you are looking for tender steaks for summer grilling or a custom cut roast for a special occasion, our butcher shop in Newtown, CT is sure to please.

And our selection goes beyond beef. From premium quality American Lamb and Veal, to the freshest pork and chicken, and wild game meats too. Discover Caraluzzi’s Pure Poultry and Pure Pork in Newtown, CT for superior taste and quality. Free of growth hormones, antibiotics and pesticides, and humanely raised on an all vegetarian diet, Caraluzzi’s Pure Poultry, Pure Pork, and Grass Fed and Finished Pure Beef is available at great prices.

Restaurant quality meals, hot or cold to-go, can simply be selected and served for easy dinners. Our chefs are always cooking up new recipes. We offer a hot case of meal ready options, as well as a large selection of cold “heat and eat” selections. From classic fried chicken to fresh caught fish, there’s something for everyone. Choose from dinners, side dishes, soups and appetizers.

Caraluzzi’s full service floral department in Newtown, CT is a local floral shop like no other. We feature fresh cut grab and go bouquets, custom made corsages, centerpieces for any occasion, and custom floral designs for weddings and more. Plus, check out our garden center for all your outdoor gardening needs.

From wild caught to farm raised, our seafood selection is delivered fresh daily. Choose from the finest selection of restaurant quality seafood favorites like shrimp, lobsters, scallops, salmon, cod, and more! Discover the Caraluzzi’s difference with our premium quality farm raised Tilapia. Unlike other stores, our tilapia is never frozen and is raised in the open waters of Costa Rica, never from China like other stores. Taste the difference!

Connecticut Local Seafood – Connecticaught. With an eye towards sustainability, Caraluzzi’s is proud to carry Connecticaught seafood. Monk Fish, Stonington Dry Sea Scallops, Stonington Red Shrimp, Lobster, Flounder, and Shellfish are available seasonally from local docks - always customer favorites!

Caraluzzi’s full service bakery in Newtown, CT features fresh baked breads, custom designed cakes for any occasion, delicious pastries, and freshly prepared grab and go cakes. Our skilled cake decorators are the finest around and will work with you to design the perfect cake. We also offer great entertaining options like our best-selling cannoli dip platter and signature cake shot pack.

Caraluzzi’s café features freshly brewed coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, espresso, chai tea, and fruit smoothies prepared by our skilled baristas.

Avoid spending a special day over your oven. Have us do the cooking! Caraluzzi’s in Newtown, CT offers competitive pricing for party perfect, no-hassle food. Choose from an extensive menu prepared by our on-site chefs. From side dishes, party platters, soups, desserts, and even complete dinners, there’s something for every occasion. Browse our catering menu or talk to our kitchen staff for assistance.

We take pride in the quality and selection of our fruits and vegetables. Did you know that our lemons are bigger and better than other stores? And that’s not all. From our cucumbers to our limes, we ensure that every fruit and vegetable we receive is fresh and of the best quality. And, unlike other stores, our fruit is cut fresh in-store daily, right here in our produce department. Perfect for healthy snacking or fresh cut fruit platters for easy entertaining.   

With a large variety of organic produce at great prices, health conscious and budget conscious go hand in hand at Caraluzzi’s. In our expansive organic produce sections in Newtown, CT, you will find not only organic carrots, apples, and lettuce, but harder to find organic produce including kale, rainbow chard, mangoes, and more.  

Plus, our produce managers work closely with local farms to offer seasonally available local selections like summertime favorites such as heirloom tomatoes, green beans, corn, hot peppers, squash, and eggplant. Ripe, juicy, and full of flavor and vibrant colors, see for yourself how easy it is to eat fresh with Caraluzzi’s in Newtown, CT!

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