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Driven by a love of fine foods, the Caraluzzi family sought to create a versatile and gourmet olive oil with a subtle yet refined flavor to meet a multitude of culinary needs.

While native to the Mediterranean, olive oil is now produced in countries all over the world, from Italy to New Zealand. First produced in 3500 BC and then traded throughout Eurasia, olive oil has become both an essential cooking medium and flavorful meal enhancer in households on every continent.

Keeping olive oil’s global appeal and long history in mind, Caraluzzi’s blend of extra-virgin olive oil combines olives from Italy, Greece, Spain and Tunisia, creating oil that reflects the nature of the American pallet: a culinary melting pot for the epicurean’s ultimate pleasure.

Our olive oil is first cold pressed. These olives are crushed only once and never heated above 80 degrees, therefore maintaining more nutrients and undergoing less degradation than other olive oils. Blended in Italy, we import only small batches to ensure the highest quality oil for our customers.


Caraluzzi's Infused Olive Oils

Italian Bread Dipper

Our Italian bread dipper combines our first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil with our premium balsamic vinegar and is then seasoned with oregano, basil, thyme and marjoram. Perfect as a dipper for your favorite loaf of crusty Italian bread, or even as a simple yet flavorful salad dressing.

Basil infused Olive Oil

Imported Italian olive oil infused with aromatic basil, this oil works as both a salad dressing, or a sautéing agent for dishes that require an herbal infusion.

Lemon Infused Olive Oil

Caraluzzi’s first cold pressed olive oil is combined with natural lemon to create an excellent cooking medium that supplies its subject with the added flavor of citrus. Brush on chicken or fish before grilling. Use as a salad dressing over baby spinach, orange slices, walnuts, salt and pepper for a mouth-watering citrus salad.

Garlic Infused Olive Oil

Made from imported Italian olive oil and essential oils of garlic, this infused olive oil will easily become one of your pantry staples. Eliminating the need for diced cloves in your sauté recipes, this olive oil adds the subtle flavor of garlic to your dishes when used as a cooking medium. Also excellent on salad and as a dipping oil for bread. Stir a small bit into starchy dishes, such as mashed potatoes, for a smooth texture and added flavor.

Hot Pepper Infused Olive Oil

Made from Italian imported olive oil and the essential oils of hot peppers, this spicy sauce is your new secret ingredient for adding a little kick to any dish. This oil works as an unusual and addictive dipping sauce, for sautéing vegetables, coated on grilled meats and drizzled on any entrée or side. Try sprinkling this hot olive oil on pizza for a real treat!


Caraluzzi's Balsamic Vinegar

Our premium balsamic vinegar comes to you from Modena, Italy, one of the only two regions in the world where true balsamic vinegar is produced.  While an excellent complement to our olive oil on a salad of fresh greens, our balsamic vinegar also tastes great drizzled over grilled foods or steamed vegetables.