A Cara Cara Orange

A Blood Orange

Delicious Citrus

Blood Orange

Grown primarily in Italy, blood oranges contain a higher amount of antioxidants than your typical citrus fruit, attributing to its dark red flesh. A relative of the sweet orange, many describe its flavor to be similar to that of a raspberry but with strong citrus undertones. Slice and eat plain or toss in salads. Pair with dark bitter greens that provide ideal contrast to its sweet flavor. Blood orange even tastes good roasted.


Tasting like a sweet and mild grapefruit, the flavor profile of the citrus group’s largest fruit lends itself well to a variety of cuisine types. In its native South East Asia, many like to sprinkle the fruit with salt and eat it as a dessert. In China, the pomello is typically cooked in pork stir-fry. The pomello also is a great accompaniment to yogurt or salads, and many like to dip sections in melted chocolate as a rich contrast to its tangy aftertaste.


Also known as a honeybell, the tangelo is a cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit. This reddish-orange, Orlando grown fruit retains the flavor of a tangerine, only is much juicer. Eat raw as a refreshing treat.

Cara Cara Orange

From Hacienda de Cara Cara in Valencia, Venezuela comes this heavenly cousin of the navel orange. With a lower acidity than other oranges, the cara cara orange has a taste that is sweet & almost berry like. Bright orange on the outside, and soft pink on the inside, this fruit is as beautiful as it is tasty. While typically eaten raw, cara cara oranges are ideal for replacing your typical orange in any cooked dish, such as stir fry. The sweetness of the cara cara will mellow out your recipe, while still adding a touch of tangy flavor.

Navel Orange

Everyone is familiar with the popular navel orange, but do you know the best way to eat it? Raw of course! While sweeter than many oranges, navel oranges are less juicy, making them unideal for cooking or juicing. And while you won't be cooking them into sauces anytime soon, their thick skin makes them easy to peel and carry, so snack away!


First bred in Barbados, this bitter fruit is a favorite of many dieters for its low glycemic index, which many believe helps burn fat. Coming in different varieties, including red, white and pink, the grapefruits flavor can range from sour to sweet and tart. High in antioxidants, vitamin C and the fiber pectin, studies have shown grapefruit helps lower cholesterol when eaten regularly.