Supporting our local food banks.

Caraluzzi's Food Bank Donations Bin


Donation bins are a simple yet effective way for customers to donate needed non-perishable items directly to local food banks. If you are a non-profit and are interested in placing a donation bin in one of our stores, please call the store and ask to speak with a front end manager.

Caraluzzi's Gift Cards


Our charitable gift card program allows for the purchase of Caraluzzi’s gift cards through our website in an effort to further help support our local food banks. Individuals simply visit, choose the amount they’d like to donate and then select a local food pantry. We process the gift cards and send them directly to the food pantry. Caraluzzi’s then offers a 10% match for each donation made at the end of each calendar year.

We encourage you to post a link from our website ( in your fundraising marketing efforts such as emails and other social media campaigns to help grow your charitable contributions each year. And know that Caraluzzi’s is matching another 10% on these purchases.

Caraluzzi's Fundraising Landing Page


If your organization is looking to raise money for a local food bank, our charitable gift card program may be the perfect solution. Food banks use our gift cards for specific items, when supplies run low, as well as in times of greater crisis to help those who need it most. Our team can create a dedicated landing page for your organization’s fundraiser, with the ability to purchase Caraluzzi’s Gift cards for the food bank of your choice. What’s more, Caraluzzi’s will match 10% of each donation made with an annual gift card donation sent directly to the selected food pantry.

Interested in learning more? Contact us.