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Happy National Kale Week!

Pictured above: Curly Kale
Pictured above Lacinato Kale
Kale may seem trendy these days, but in truth, Kale is a classic green that’s long been a staple in traditional American and European cuisine.So why is Kale so popular right now? It’s the health benefits! High in beta carotene, vitamin k, vitamin c and rich in calcium, it’s no wonder people love steaming, baking or juicing this green daily.

Kale Varieties

The two most common types of kale you’ll find are Lacinato Kale (otherwise known as black kale) and Curly Kale. If you’re juicing, the Lacinato kale is your best option for quick and easy preparation. For sautéing or baking, the curly kale is a better bet, as the smaller, curlier leaves will hold more of your sauce or seasoning. Curly Kale is also perfect for those new to Kale, as it’s slightly milder than the Lacinato variety, with less of a bite. Try both to find your personal preference.

Preparing Kale

Kale is a versatile vegetable that can be prepared most ways, even baked as a chip, so get creative! Unless you’re juicing, remember to remove the light green vein down the center of the leaf, as it’s often too dense to be easily cooked or eaten.
If eating raw in a salad, pair with vinegar based dressing to cut through the kale’s earthy taste, or add fruit to the salad for a bittersweet combination. Our favorite pairings are strawberries or mandarin orange slices.
You can always pick up premade kale dishes, like Kale Mango Sushi Rolls from our fresh sushi department, Kale chips in our produce department and Kale soup from our prepared foods department.

Are you ready to eat?

Kale’s come back has been long deserved, so to celebrate this tasty and nutritious veggie we’ve created a selection of recipes that highlight our favorite leafy green’s unique flavor profile. From classic regional dishes to modern recipes with a healthy twist, there’s a kale recipe for everyone. What are you in the mood for?
Kale Chips
Slow Cooked Kale & White Bean Soup
Kale Green Smoothie