Only at Caraluzzi’s: imported, artisan, cured meats crafted by centuries of Italian tradition.

Produced in Parma, Italy, Parmacotto was founded in 1978 by brothers Marco and Antonio Rosi, seeking to maintain the family tradition of the Italian art of Salumi crafting. Salumi, a word unique to Italy, refers to a technique of cutting, salting and curing meats to create a distinctive gourmet flavor. Using traditional methods passed down through generations, Parmacotto has grown to be the # 1 brand in Italy.

Parmacotto is a line of high quality meats crafted using centuries old recipes. Parmacotto believes that injecting animals with steroids, anti-biotics or giving them special feed would ruin the artistically crafted product. This is a philosophy shared by many gourmet food craftsmen in Italy. To ensure culture, tradition and quality in Italian foods, the Italian government has created the DOP, meaning Protected Designation of Origin. All Italian products bearing the DOP label are produced in their traditional region, using time honored techniques that ensure a quality, authentic product.
Tuscan Artista

The Tuscan Artista is one of the many artisanal meats available from Parmacotto. Crafted from high quality pork loin, perfectly seasoned with rosemary, garlic and fennel for an earthy flavor, the pork loin is then slowly oven roasted until succulent and juicy before being hand-tied. The Tuscan Artista is perfect on a sandwich, or alone as a snack. For an original appetizer, combine the rolled pork loin with mushrooms, olives and fresh mozzarella on a skewer. For an indulgent sandwich with a simple selection of ingredients, serve with olive oil, salt, pepper and goat cheese on hearty Italian bread.

Prosciutto Cotto

The prosciutto cotto, or steam cooked ham, is made of fresh, boneless pork legs that are brined for several days. The brined meat is then placed in molds, to create the signature oval shape. Steamed for 18 to 22 hours, the prosciutto cotto emerges with a gentle, yet mildly spicy aroma and a soft-pink color that is instantly alluring. Prosciutto cotto is perfect for creating flavorful, gourmet sandwiches. Pair the prosciutto cotto with ciabatta bread, hot mustard and fresh mozzarella for a decadent, yet simple, Panini. Prosciutto cotto also works well with arugula and crumbled parmigiano reggiano on our bakery's Tuscan bread. In a hurry? The Classico from Caraluzzi’s cafe is ready to go. The timeless combo of cotto ham and genoa salami are Panini pressed with sharp provolone cheese and light oil & vinegar on a toasted Italian round, sure to be an instant favorite among lovers of this versatile Italian meat. For lighter fare, prosciutto cotto can be rolled with provolone and placed on a classic salad with olive oil, tomatoes, olives and a hot pepper.


Prosciutto di Parma

Prosciutto di Parma is the most well-known and arguably best tasting of the delicious assortment of Italian Salumi Caraluzzi’s supplies. Made according to the centuries old tradition of salting and aging the hind legs of a pig born and breed in one of 11 specific regions in Italy. Covered in salt for three weeks before residual salt is removed, the prosciutto is transferred to a humid environment. After six weeks, the ham is washed and hung to dry for the remaining 54 weeks of the 14 month process. This ham must be sliced very thin to ensure that the sweet, seductive flavors are at their peak.


Prosciutto di Parma is best eaten with a glass of prosecco or a rich, red wine and thick, crusty bread. For another easy appetizer, roll the Prosciutto di Parma on a cracker with your favorite Italian cheese, or place the roll through a toothpick with a cherry tomato. Also excellent in a salad, add tart green apples to juxtapose the meat’s sweet taste. While not typically used for sandwiches, Prosciutto di Parma can be excellent on a crispy ciabatta Panini. Stop by our Café and try the Caraluzzi’s Cristo, where decadent Prosciutto de Parma is paired with the classic flavor of turkey breast and the distinctive flavor of Fontina Cheese, slightly seasoned with oil and vinegar on crispy Italian round bread. Or, for a true taste of Italy in quick to go packaging, try the Anthony’s special. Prosciutto de Parma is layered over fresh mozzarella, with thick cut-tomato and pesto on warm, hearty slices of Italian round bread.



Less salty, yet more tender than Prosciutto di Parma, pancetta is a favorite cured meat for cooking. Pancetta is comprised of lean pork belly prepared with artisanal methods. The pork belly is deboned, salted and spiced with fresh herbs before undergoing a slow, air-drying process to develop the depth of the flavor. Pancetta can be slowly cooked to replicate the texture of American bacon with a saltier taste. Serve with eggs on toast for an original yet decadent breakfast. Place a few thin slices of pancetta in a grilled cheese sandwich, substituting classic American cheese for a sharp provolone or deli-sliced mozzarella. Add a tomato slices and basil for extra flavor. Cooked and crumbled pancetta can also be added to pastas or vegetable side dishes, such as green beans or asparagus. Pancetta is very moist when uncooked, and often not a desired texture for sandwiches when raw. Sliced very thin, pancetta can be enjoyed uncooked on its own as a light, tender, snack.



Parmacotto can be found in the Deli of your local Caraluzzi's.