Caraluzzi's Pure Beef 100% Grass Fed and Finished NY Strip Steaks
Caraluzzi's Pure Beef NY Strip Steaks
Caraluzzi's Pure Beef Porterhouse Steak in Cast Iron Skillet
Caraluzzi's Pure Beef Porterhouse Steak

For Immediate Release
January 6, 2020

Nancy Mengler
(203) 270-7500 ext. 29

Caraluzzi’s Introduces Caraluzzi's Pure Beef

BETHEL, CT - Caraluzzi's is excited to introduce Caraluzzi's Pure Beef, 100% grass fed and finished beef. Caraluzzi's Pure Beef is not only 100% natural and healthier than conventional beef, but it's also amazingly marbled for juicy, flavorful and tender steaks and roasts. It's something you can feel good about putting on your family's table.


  • 100% Grass Fed & Finished
  • No Grains or Animal By-Products
  • Never Given Antibiotics, Hormones or Growth Promotants
  • Born, Pasture Raised and Harvested in the USA


Raised in North America’s heartland on family owned farms from Colorado to Nebraska & Iowa with room to roam and graze the local green pastures with access to natural water supplies and clean, open air.  These carefully selected ranchers are dedicated to the health and happiness of their cattle. Hardworking family farmers that produce wholesome, high quality, healthy beef.

Caraluzzi’s worked to seek out not only a product that met the standards of a 100% all natural, antibiotic free, grass fed beef from the USA, but one that is the best tasting product available.

Caraluzzi's Pure Beef is an exciting new addition to our line of 100% natural, antibiotic free meats that include Caraluzzi's Pure Poultry and Caraluzzi's Pure Pork. With featured sale items each week, you are sure to find plenty of healthy and affordable antibiotic free meat options in our butcher shop.

Caraluzzi's Pure Beef
Caraluzzi's Pure Pork
Caraluzzi's Pure Poultry