Caraluzzi's Pure Pork

Caraluzzi's Pure Pork


Caraluzzi's Pure Pork Tenderloin
Caraluzzi's Pure Pork Tenderloin
Caraluzzi's Pure Pork Boneless Center Pork Chops
Caraluzzi's Pure Pork Boneless Center Pork Chops
Duroc Hog
Heritage Breed Duroc Hog

Caraluzzi’s has always been passionate about quality and price and known for being the best place to buy meats. Our new premium natural pork program “Pure Pork” is another example of an extremely high quality standard product that we’ve priced below the competition.

Caraluzzi’s Pure Pork:
• No Antibiotics – EVER!
• No Added Hormones – EVER!
• Raised Crate Free
• 100% Vegetarian diet
• Non-GMO
• No Artificial Ingredients
• Humanely Raised


Pure Pork is our partnership with U.S. producers that share the same values of producing quality farm-family raised, antibiotic-free Pork, making this an exceptional tasting and consistent product that is served in the finest restaurants.

In addition to being 100% All Natural, our Pure Pork is a Heritage Breed of hog called Duroc. Duroc pork has a long history in America and ideal characteristics such as a higher PH Level which means the meat is a little darker in color than conventional pork and more firm & tender. The Duroc heritage breed makes Pure Pork more tender, juicy and full of flavor, and is preferred by discerning chefs in the finest homes and restaurants.

One taste and you’ll appreciate the quality and care that goes into Caraluzzi’s Pure Pork.