Caraluzzi's Very Berry Pie


Holiday Pies at Caraluzzi's


Serve homemade pies for the holidays without baking. Our all natural gourmet pies are made with the finest quality ingredients. Imagine innovative flavors like apple cranberry and very berry enclosed in a perfectly flaky crust. Now you can focus on basking in the glory of a good meal… instead of the kitchen timer. Caraluzzi’s has got your back!  

Country Cinnamon Apple Pie

We add an extra pinch of cinnamon and brown sugar over fresh-cut apple slices for an extra-special version of our apple pie.  

Very Berry Pie

The sweet and tart flavors of our favorite berries mingle to create a unique and addictive pie. Featuring fresh strawberries, red raspberries, blueberries and blackberries.  

Pecan Pie

Our Pecan Pie combines a crisp and buttery pie shell with a deliciously rich and sweet filling that is loaded with toasted pecans.  

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