Above is the sensor used to measure moisture in the soil
The machine that sorts blueberries
Blueberry packages being labeled for sale
Here is the water tank that supplies the irrigation system
Fresh, ripe blueberries on their way to be sorted
Packaged and ready to send to our stores!

Delicious Blueberry Recipes

Blueberry Banana Smoothie with Spinach and Avocado  
Whole Wheat Blueberry Muffins
Classic Blueberry Cobbler

Ways to Eat Blueberries

* In baked goods
* Eat fresh by the handful
* In cereals, yogurt and salads
* Store in freezer as a frozen treat (great for smoothies!)

Fresh Blueberries at Caraluzzi's

We visited our neighbors in New Jersey to see how farmers in the heart of East Coast blueberry country grow, pick and package one of our favorite summer fruits!

Did you know it takes three years for a blueberry plant to bear fruit than can be picked? Because it takes so long for blueberry plants to mature, it’s especially important to protect the plants. Black matting is buried under the ground to prevent weeds from sprouting in the blueberry fields.

Hydration is also important to maintain blueberry bushes, so important that the farm s use a smart irrigation system to keep the plants perfectly hydrated. Sensors are staked in the ground every 10 plants to test the soil and determine if plants need to be watered. If the soil is dry, the irrigation system releases water at the base of neighboring plants.

Many of the blueberries are handpicked, while some varieties are picked by machines. Once picked, they are brought into facilities to be sorted, cleaned, packaged and cooled.

Blueberries are machine sorted by technology that is able to determine the color and softness of the berry. If too green or soft, the berries are dropped off line to be made into blueberry juice. Stems and leaves are also sifted out in the sorting process.

Farmers give the blueberry yield one final, manual look before packing, labeling and stacking the finished product, ready to be shipped to East Coast grocers.

The blueberries you find on our shelves have been picked, sorted and packaged the day before, allowing you to have fresh blueberries all summer long. Enjoy!