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Connecticaught is a partnership of local fishermen. Maintaining the proud tradition of Connecticut coastal communities, Connecticaught works to maintain our states rich seafaring history while providing the freshest fish and shell fish available. Local seafood requires minimal transportation to our stores, making Connecticaught seafood as close to catch as possible. Fresh, wild caught seafood is also abundant in nutrients. Read on to see what more of what Connecticaught has to offer!

Monk Fish

Known to taste similar to lobster, monk fillets are made of the fish’s dense & sweet tail. Monk fish fillets are boneless and easy to prepare. Dice and add to pasta, or sauté whole in your favorite wine sauce. Monk fish are also a great option for the health conscious. Considered a source of lean protein, one serving of monk fish contains less calories than the average fish fillet, yet supplies plenty of the minerals your body needs. Click here for instructions on how to cook monk fish.

Stonington Dry Sea Scallops

Stonington Scallops are the most prized scallop found in the finest restaurants around the world. Flavorful and easy to prepare, scallops are your secret ingredient to transforming bland meals. Unlike “wet” scallops, dry scallops are in their natural state. Wet scallops have been soaked in water and phosphates, causing them to shrink when cooked. Lack of added water in dry scallops also allows the scallop to sear easier, bringing forth a mild sweetness complimentary to most dishes. Add to pasta or a healthy, Asian stir fry.

Stonington Red Shrimp

Luscious and tender, Stonington red shrimp are a summer seasonal favorite of many Connecticut coastalites.  Akin more to lobster and crab than your typical shrimp, many fans of this bright red delight comment the natural flavor is so decadent that these shrimp can be enjoyed without complex preparation. The Stonington red also enhances traditional pasta dishes, perfectly complements a creamy risotto, or elevates the flavor of traditional shrimp scampi.


Lobster is often enjoyed as the centerpiece of a meal. While a decadent entrée, lobster also remains a staple ingredient in many traditional New England dishes. Connecticaught provides local, pre-cooked and shelled lobster meat for easy preparation of your favorite coastal fare. For a simple recipe that yeilds a nostalgic taste, try preparing Connecticut lobster rolls. Unlike its Maine counterpart, served cold  and mixed with mayonaise, a Connecticut lobster roll is eaten warm and drenched in melted butter. To make, coat the insides of a split top bun with butter and place on a warm pan until toasted. Add more butter to the pan and sauté thawed lobster meat until warm. Coat thoroughly in the melted butter and serve hot on a toasted bun.


Summer Flounder

This mild tasting flat fish is a New England staple. Easily prepared, flounder can be dredged in flour then pan fried in both vegetable oil and butter. Seasoned with salt, pepper and lemon, this fillet serves as a simple yet filling meal over a bed of stalky greens, such as asparagus. For an even easier and delightful entrée, breaded flounder can be baked in the oven. Add parmesan cheese to your breading to elevate the flavor.



Oysters and clams make excellent ingredients for seasoned chefs and novices alike. Abundant in Connecticut coastal areas, these savory shellfish can be steamed, baked, fried or even grilled. Sauté clams in garlic, olive oil, crushed tomatoes and your favorite red wine for a simple yet impressive dish. Serve in an iron skillet or over pasta. Click here for the full recipe.