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Connecticaught is a partnership of local fishermen. Maintaining the proud tradition of Connecticut coastal communities, Connecticaught works to maintain our state's rich seafaring history while providing the freshest fish and shell fish available. Local Connecticut seafood requires minimal transportation to our stores, making Connecticaught seafood as close to catch as possible.

Stonington Dry Sea Scallops
Fresh Stonington Dry Sea Scallops

Stonington Scallops are the most prized scallop found in the finest restaurants around the world. Flavorful and easy to prepare, scallops are your secret ingredient to transforming bland meals. Unlike “wet” scallops, dry scallops are in their natural state. Wet scallops have been soaked in water and phosphates, causing them to shrink when cooked. Lack of added water in dry scallops also allows the scallop to sear easier, bringing forth a mild sweetness complimentary to most dishes. Add to pasta or a healthy, Asian stir fry.
Broil • Sauté • Pan Sear


Top Neck Clams
Fresh Live Top Neck Clams

Tender with a delicious yet delicately salty flavor, Top Necks are slightly larger than Little Neck Clams and have a hard shell. Great for clams casino, with pasta or on the half shell and ideal for grilling.
Grill • Bake • Steam

Steamed Flounder with Spinach
Fresh Summer Flounder Fillets

This mild tasting flat fish is a New England staple. Easily prepared, flounder can be dredged in flour then pan fried in both vegetable oil and butter. Seasoned with salt, pepper and lemon, this fillet serves as a simple yet filling meal over a bed of stalky greens, such as asparagus. For an even easier entrée, breaded flounder can be baked in the oven.
Bake • Sauté • Pan Fry

Littleneck Clams
Fresh Live Littleneck Clams

Tender, sweet and small, perfect for steaming, grilling or eating raw.
Raw* • Steam • Grill

Black Sea Bass
Fresh Whole Black Sea Bass

Firm and lean with a mild yet delicate flavor, similar in flavor to red snapper. Because of its small size, it is often prepared whole.
Grill • Sauté • Pan Sear

Cooked Monk Fish
Fresh Monkfish Fillets

Known to taste similar to lobster, monk fillets are made of the fish’s dense & sweet tail. Monkfish fillets are boneless and easy to prepare. Dice and add to pasta, or sauté whole in your favorite wine sauce. Monk fish are also a great option for the health conscious. Considered a source of lean protein, one serving of monk fish contains less calories than the average fish fillet, yet supplies plenty of minerals.
Bake • Grill • Roast