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Caraluzzi’s NEW All Natural Marinara

Our passion for fine foods started in the family kitchen. Growing up, there was always something cooking on the stove. To this day, certain aromas bring back fond memories of our childhood and the Italian family classics that are now staples in our own kitchen. We are pleased to share our family’s heritage and love of Italian cooking with our signature marinara sauce – a family recipe that, until now, was always crafted in our own kitchens solely by taste.
Our traditional sauce is made with only the finest ingredients, including authentic San Marzano tomatoes which, unlike other jarred sauces, we place through a food mill. The deseeding process takes a little extra time but reduces the bitterness and results in a thinner sauce. Add whole fresh basil, chopped fresh garlic and our cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and you’ve got yourself a sauce that tastes so good you’ll be tempted to drink it.
Just remember, Caraluzzi’s Marinara Sauce tastes best when shared!
Add to any plain pasta for an easy Italian meal, or try some of the recipes below:
Shrimp Marinara
Italian Seafood Sausage and Pasta Rosa
Pan Roasted Clams
We traveled to New Haven to watch the first commercial batch of our new sauce be bottled. Scroll below to see pictures of the process.


Empty jars just waiting to be filled with Caraluzzi's Marinara Sauce!

Here is our Marinara Sauce, passing through the the labeling part of the conveyor.

Now it's packaged and ready to ship, traveling only 45 minutes to our closest store!

Sauce is funneled from the vat it's created in to jars while it's still hot.

Finishing the end of its journey…

Ready to take home & enjoy.